July 27, 2014


Yankie, also known as Yankie Bar, is Denmark's most famous chocolate bar with nougat and caramel covered in milk chocolate. A Danish version of Mars so to speak.

It's made by Danish chocolate manufacturer Toms and according to Wikipedia, Toms was contacted after WW2 by the United States high command in Germany to produce a candy bar with a cocoa content similar to American candy bars (like Mars) so the American troops in Germany could get their beloved candy bars instead of the US having to import them to Europe.

This is an interesting fact because it explains why (I think) Yankie tastes inferior to other Danish chocolates (which generally holds a high quality); it has lower cocoa content like many American chocolate bars.

The lower cocoa content makes the bar taste overly sweet. There seems to be no difference between the chocolate and the nougat, it just a sugar tasting mash. The caramel flavour stands out but it can't save the bar. A real disaster, my lowest rating so far.


Brand: Toms
Size: 50 g
Price: 7 kr | £0,60 | $1,00
Purchased: Sweden

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