July 29, 2014

Faygo Grape

Faygo Grape is a grape soda from the Detroit-based soda pop producer with the same name, Faygo.

Grape sodas is not very easy to come by in Sweden and the only reference of another grape soda I've tasted is Fanta's (I imported Faygo from the UK by the way). Even if the grape soda flavour in both Fanta and Faygo is artificial off course, the grape flavour in Faygo tasted more of grape flavoured jelly gums than any reminiscence of natural grape flavour.It was too artificial for me and overly sweet (not uncommon for American sodas though). What I remember Fanta's grape version was better.


Brand: Faygo
Size: 710 ml (24 oz)
Price: 12 kr | £1,00 | $1,70
Purchased: American Fizz

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