May 31, 2014

Potatischips kryddade med Umami (Crisps)

Potatischips kryddade med umami is potato crisps flavoured with umami from Swedish, artisan crisp manufacturer Rootfruit. Umami, being the fifth taste, is best described as a savoury taste. Umami is usually found in soy sauce, mushrooms, broth etc.

But it's a flavour hard to pin down. Looking at the table of content tomato, onions, soy sauce, fish powder etc is listed and some of those are umamirich foods but I don't find any resemblance to that special umami taste (like in soy sauce and broth). There is nothing wrong with the crisps they taste mainly onions and salt, but nothing of umami. But I like how crispy they are and in good bite sizes, not too big.


Brand: Rootfruit
Size: 90 g
Price: 20 kr | £1,70 | $2,90
Purchased: Sweden

May 30, 2014


Whatchamacallit is a chocolate bar from Hershey's, containing peanut flavoured crisps and caramel covered in milk chocolate.

Generally I'm not a fan of chocolates containing peanuts because I think the taste gets too heavy, but Whatchamacallit was actually quite good. The peanut flavour is not overwhelming and it stays in the background letting the taste of crisp and caramel come through.

Being a chocolate peanut bar it was particularly light in texture and not heavy like Snickers or Reese's. Also the peanuts moderate the sweetness of the caramel and chocolate, which is needed.

Overall a pleasant surprise especially since I'm overly fond of peanuts.


Brand: Hershey's
Size: 45 g
Price: 20 kr | £1,80 | $3,00
Purchased: Sweden

May 29, 2014


Chokladlycka (meaning chocolate happiness in Swedish) is a biscuit filled with cocoa cream and covered in milk chocolate. It's manufactured by Swedish supermarket chain Coop as a store brand.

I would say the biscuits are very similar to the Australian Tim Tam. 
The milk chocolate has a pretty sweet note to it but not over the top and the cocoa filling is smooth. When you bite you notice that the biscuit is very crisp (maybe a bit too hard even?) but it's nice to dip it in a hot drink so it becomes gooey, just like a Tim Tam Slam. The biscuit in Chokladlycka didn't get moist so fast like their Aussie counterpart, but other than that I found the Swedish and Aussies biscuits almost interchangeable.

Chokladlycka was a nice treat and I was suprised with the similarities to Tim Tam, which I like very much. It's also kind of a bargain at roughly £2 compared to Tim Tam which is sold at rip off prices like £6 in some import stores (rare to find though).


Brand: Coop
Size: 200 g (11 biscuits)
Price: 22 kr | £2,00 | $3,30
Purchased: Sweden