July 5, 2014


Punschrulle, also known as dammsugare (meaning vacuum cleaner in Swedish haha), is one of Sweden's most popular pastries. The form is cylindrical and it's sort of a cookie crumble mash flavoured with arrack punch and covered in green coloured marzipan (and chocolate at the ends).

This one is made by Swedish pastry manufacturer Delicato. Even if the marzipan comes through it has a very heavy arrack punch flavour with some bitter notes. The flavour totally dominates the pastry.

Also if you look at the content there isn't any arrack punch or similar, just undefined "aromas" (not so appealing). I liked these much more before, maybe the changed the recipe? As always the best pastry is the one you buy fresh from a bakery shop.


Brand: Delicato
Size: 48 g
Price: 5 kr | £0,45 | $0,75
Purchased: Sweden

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