July 4, 2014

Sportlunch Powerbreak 2

Sportlunch Powerbreak 2 has actually nothing to do with the original Sportlunch, it has just borrowed the name. SL Powerbreak 2 is described in English on the package (why I wonder?) as a chunky chocolate bar with chewy chocolate nougat and almonds. There is also a Powerbreak 1 I might add, which is more similar to the original Sportlunch with the chocolate and wafer content.

Anyway SL Powerbreak 2 is surprisingly good. I especially like how the chocolate nougat is both firm and chewy at the same time. At the first bite you think it's gonna be crumbly but it isn't. But I would like to notice the almond slivers a bit more.


Brand: Cloetta
Size: 50 g
Price: 7 kr | £0,60 | $1,00
Purchased: Sweden

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