June 28, 2014

Bubblig Mjölkchoklad

Bubblig Mjölkchoklad is Marabou's take on milk chocolate with air bubbles like Cadbury Bubbly, Milka Lulflée and Norweigan Stratos etc.

As always the Marabou milk chocolate is creamy and milky (one of the best I've tasted) and the air bubbles melts in your mouth but there's still chewiness which makes it more interesting to eat than a plain chocolate bar. Bubblig Mjölkchoklad is only sold in 60 g bars but I think it's a good, moderate size. Otherwise it would be easy to overeat and get tired of the taste.

For some reason it's quite expensive at 15 kr (£1,30) when chocolates in similar size doesn't cost more than 10 kr (90 p).


Brand: Marabou
Size:  60 g
Price: 15 kr | £1,30 | $2,20
Purchased: Sweden

June 27, 2014


Center is a Swedish milk chocolate bar filled with caramel. 

It's made by Swedish candy manufacturer Cloetta which also makes the similar chocolate Plopp, known in UK (I think). Both Center and Plopp are milk chocolates with caramel fillings but the main different is that the sugar content is higher in Plopp and the filling is denser in Center.

The smooth milk chocolate blends well with the caramel, which tastes more of sugar than toffee. My only complain about it is that (as pointed out before) the caramel isn't gooey but thick so you don't get the fluidness typically associated with caramel.


Brand: Cloetta
Size:  50 g
Price: 8 kr | £0,70 | $1,20
Purchased: Sweden

June 18, 2014


Nuts is a milk chocolate bar which contains hazelnuts, caramel and nougat. It's made by Nestlé and available in most European countries (but not in Scandinavia).

Nuts reminds me a lot of Mars but with hazelnuts. The white nougat makes it less dense than a Mars bar and the caramel, hazelnuts and nougat comes together well in Nuts. The hazelnuts breaks off the sweetness and their bitterness in Nuts are welcomed.


Brand: Nestlé
Size: 65 g
Price: 5,50 kr | 50p | $0,85
Purchased: World of Sweets

June 17, 2014

Lakritz Toffee

Lakritz Toffee, made by Perfetti Van Melle, is a Dutch chewy liquorice which tastes both sweet and salty. They're individually wrapped in 10 pieces per bar.

Compared to another saltysweet liquorice I've tried, Kick Seasalt, Lakritz Toffee are sweeter and chewier, but the salty notes of liquorice still present. Despite the "toffee" name there is no toffee or caramel flavour and it's probably referring to the candy's chewiness.

These Lakritz Toffee are favourites from my childhood but they are no longer available in Sweden. But they are still made in Netherlands and available there (and Germany I guess). Luckily I found them online.


Brand: Perfetti Van Melle
Size:  41 g
Price: 4,50 kr | £0,40 | $0,65
Purchased: World of Sweets

June 14, 2014

Pick Salami

Pick salami from Hungary is undoubtedly the country's most famous salami product. It's a winter salami which is a Hungarian type of cured salami made from mangalitsa (a breed of pig) pork, pork belly fat and spices like allspice, white pepper etc. On the outside there is a noble mould which is formed during ripening process.

Spicy salamis (which often has the most flavors) are not my cup of tea and that's is probarbly why I like Pick salami so much because it's very flavourful but still mild. The dominat flavor of cured pork is rich and savoury but not too salty and in the spice department there's some reminiscence of allspice. The salami itself does feel more lean than similiar salami products even though it's kind of fatty.


Brand: Pick Szeged
Size: 250 g
Price: 36 kr | £3,20 | $5,35
Purchased: Sweden

June 12, 2014

Crispello Double Choc

Crispello Double Choc is a crispy wafer bar covered with milk chocolate and filled with creamy chocolate. It contains three crispy shells.

Cadbury milk chocolates is usually too sweet for me. Crispello had that sweetness but it was stilled by the wafer I guess, because it wasn't overwhelming. The chocolate had a a strong creamy, malty smell and the wafer tasted of creamy milk chocolate and nougat. It was also nice that the wafer was split in three parts, made it feel lighter.


Brand: Cadbury
Size: 30 g
Price: 6 kr | 50p | $0,90
Purchased: The English Shop

June 11, 2014


Punchpokal is a round, dark chocolate filled with arrack punch creme. Although it's made by Danish candy manufacturer Toms, arrack punsch is a typical Swedish arrack liquor which is severely sweet in taste.

The dark chocolate is delicate and the creme is rich in vanilla flavour and tastes distinctly of arrack punsch (Punchpokal probarbly has the most alcoholic flavor of those three, alcoholic creme chocolates I've tasted). The sweet liquor flavour and dark chocolate goes very well together. It's simply delicious.


Brand: Toms
Size: 28 g
Price: 6 kr | £0,50 | $0,90
Purchased: Sweden

June 10, 2014


When I reviewed Lohengrin I talked about how much I liked chocolates with a creamy alcoholic filling, which I think is something typically Scandinavian. In the next two posts I will review too other similar chocolates both from Denmark, Skildpadder and Punchpokal.

Skildpadder, which means turtles in Danish, is a chocolate shaped like a turtle filled with rum creme and caramel.

The chocolate is a dark one which accompany the runny, vanilla creme with a hint of alcoholic flavour (supposedly rum) and the gooey caramel. Lohengrin is similar to Skildpadder qualitywise, but the distinct alcoholic flavour makes Skildpadder a little bit better. 


Brand: Toms
Size: 28 g
Price: 6 kr | £0,50 | $0,90
Purchased: Sweden

June 9, 2014


Melkesjokolade, meaning Milk chocolate off course, is one of Norway's most popular milk chocolates from the the country's biggest chocolate brand Freia. Freia is owned by Mondelez Int., which also owns Cadbury, Milka and Marabou of Sweden etc. Freia and Marabou shares mostly the same product range because ones they were the same company.

Freia Milk chocolate is creamy but a little bit too sweet. After a bite it has some resemblance to those cheaper German advents' calendar chocolates (which isn't bad themselves, kind of a guilty pleasure).

Overall an all right chocolate, but nothing fancy.


Brand: Freia
Size: 100 g
Price: 24 kr | £2,15 | $3,60
Purchased: NorskMat


Sportlunch is a milk chocolate bar containing crispy wafers. It comes in three different sizes: 25, 50 and 100 g. I bought the smallest one, which often can be found in the Pick and Mix-candy section.

The milk chocolate is very creamy and the wafer is not crumbly nor soft it's kind of infuses with the creamy chocolate . Sportlunch reminds me a lot of Kitkat but with a better quality chocolate. 


Brand: Cloetta
Size: 25 g
Price: 4 kr | £0,35 | $0,60
Purchased: Sweden

June 5, 2014

Kick Seasalt

Kick Seasalt is a salty sweet liquorice. Kick comes in three different flavours; original (sweet liquorice), lemon-liqourice and sea salt which is the line's newest addition.

I'm not very of fond of the original Kick which only taste of sweet liquorice, but the sea salt-edition is very good. It has the sweet liqourice flavor but also a salty note which come through the more you eat it. The consistency is between chewy and crumbly.


Brand: Cloetta
Size: 19 g
Price: 5 kr | £0,45 | $0,75
Purchased: Sweden

June 4, 2014


Lohengrin is a small, dark chocolate bar filled with rum cream. It's named after the Wagner opera Lohengrin and it was introduced in 1911 on the opening night of that same opera in The National Theater in Oslo.

Chocolates with a alcoholic cream is something I really enjoy. Maybe it's typically Scandinavian? Denmark gots some varieties with Punschpokal (chocolates filled with arrack punch cream) and Skilpadder (chocolates also filled with rum cream). And then Norway got Lohengrin.

The dark chocolate in Lohengrin is smooth and has just the right sweetness to it (around 60% cocoa I think) and the white cream tastes of toffee and a hint of vanilla, but not of any rum though.

In the Danish varieties there is a stronger alcoholic "touch" (there is no alcoholic flavour in them per se) but I couldn't find any of that in Lohengrin. Still it's very tasteful and just the kind of sweet I like the most,


Brand: Freia
Size: 34 g
Price: 20 kr | £1,80 | $3,00
Purchased: NorskMat

June 3, 2014


Stratos is a milk chocolate with bubbles, just like Cadbury Bubbles, Milka Luflée, Marabou Bubblig Mjölkchoklad etc. I like very much Swedish Marabou's take on bubbly chocolate so it was interesting to try a Norweigan version.

Stratos chocolate had a distinct malty scent. I took a bite and there was a strong maltiness combined with a sweet, round chocolate taste. The chocolate was a little bit dry and it wasn't the best quality milk chocolate I've had. It reminded me of Cadbury Dairy Milk but it was a bit better. Dairy Milk is overly sweet in my opinion.


Brand: Nidar
Size: 150 g
Price: 38 kr | £3,50 | $5,65
Purchased: NorskMat


Kaviarmix is a creamed, cod roe paste product. Not to be confused with caviar, kaviar is especially popular in Sweden and Norway where the Kalles Kaviar-brand is the most famous.

When most kaviars are salty because of the smoked roe, Kaviarmix was particularly mild (the product emphasis on it's mildness). It was lightly orange in color, a bit oily and had the smoked roe character but just a little touch of saltiness. Kaviars like Kalles kaviar is too salty for me so Kaviarmix was right up my alley.

I bough it online from Norway, too bad it can't be found in Sweden.

As a foreigner kaviar is probably something you don't like at first taste. It takes a while to get familiar with the special taste. But I encourage you to try it.

If you can't find Kaviarmix, Kalles Kaviar or any other brand, kaviar can be found in IKEA stores under the name Smörgåskaviar.


Brand: Mills
Size: 180 g
Price: 35 kr | £3,20 | $5,30
Purchased: NorskMat