July 30, 2015

Gille Premium Choklad Crisps Mint

Gille is a Swedish cookie manufacturer who have released a line of Premium Crisp cookies with chocolate coating with flavours like Orange, Strawberry and this one, Mint. There's about a 15 round and thin cookies per box.

I thought it would be a plain chocolate cookie with a  chocolate- and mint filling (like Swedish Remi I reviewed a year ago). But it wasn't. This was a typical for Sweden a chewy oat cookie, called havreflarn which Gille is famous for, that I don't like at all. The thin dark chocolate coating had a slight mint flavour, which actually improved the oat cookie a bit, but when you don't like these types of cookies in the first place it wasn't a hit with me.


Brand: Gille
Size: 140 g 
Price: 23 kr | £1,70 | $2,65
Purchased: Sweden

July 16, 2015


Nudossi is a German hazelnut and nougat-spread similar to Nutella. Even though Nutella is promoted as being "the superior hazelnut-spread brand" it only contains about 13-14% hazelnuts while Nudossi contains 36%. And you can really taste the difference in hazelnuts which sets it apart from the original (Nutella).

The toasted hazelnuts dominates the flavor and even if it probably has the same amount of sugar as Nutella it doesn't taste as sweets, which is nice. The chocolaty taste is more subtle. I haven't had Nutella for some years but I still thinks is the better one as a hazelnut-spread because of the classic taste, but I liked the strong hazelnut flavor in Nudossi. I bought it in individual packages of 6 "strips" but you can also find it in jars. 


Brand: Sächsische und Dresdner Back- und Süßwaren GmbH & Co. 
Size: 72 g 
Price: 15 kr | £1,10 | $1,75 
Purchased: World of Sweets