November 16, 2014

Karl Fazer Apple, Caramel & Hazelnuts in Dark Chocolate

Karl Fazer is chocolate tablets from Finnish candy manufacturer Fazer, which are also sold in Sweden but in a limited variety. Their latest edition is a winter themed dark chocolate with apple bits, caramel and hazelnuts.

The dark chocolate is rich in flavour and when you take a bit you get the crunchiness of the caramel (which are hard), some reminiscence of nuts and at the end the tartness of the apples. It's a great combination which gives room for all the flavours. In my opinion Fazer makes one of the best chocolates in Northern Europe in competition with Swizz ditos. It's rich and creamy but not too sweet. These chocolates are a perfect complement to a hot tea och coffee a cold autumn or winter day.


Brand: Fazer
Size: 200 g
Price: 22 kr | £1,90 | $3,00
Purchased: Sweden

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