November 3, 2014

Anthon Berg Crispy Orange Marzipan

Marzipan is my favourite candy and if the German brand Niederegger is the Nr. 1 maker of marzipan, Danish chocolate manufacturer Anthon Berg comes 2nd. The things that sets these two makers apart are the distinct almond flavour and the lack of sugary sweetness, which isn't uncommon with other brands which makes the marzipan taste more like a lump of sugar than almonds.

Anthon Berg also makes premium chocolates but are most famous for their marzipan bars, which is sold in mainly Denmark and Sweden.

Anthon Berg Marzipan bars comes in 4-5 varieties and the newest edition is Crispy Orange. This was a really great bar! First of all, the dark chocolate cover has a great, balanced sweetness. The almond smelling marzipan is infused with tangy orange pieces which has a slightly bitterness, taking the top of any initial sweetness. This is tastewise like a chocolate bar for grown ups. A new favourite for me!


Brand: Anthon Berg
Size: 33 g
Price: 8 kr | £0,70 | $1,10
Purchased: Sweden

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