June 10, 2014


When I reviewed Lohengrin I talked about how much I liked chocolates with a creamy alcoholic filling, which I think is something typically Scandinavian. In the next two posts I will review too other similar chocolates both from Denmark, Skildpadder and Punchpokal.

Skildpadder, which means turtles in Danish, is a chocolate shaped like a turtle filled with rum creme and caramel.

The chocolate is a dark one which accompany the runny, vanilla creme with a hint of alcoholic flavour (supposedly rum) and the gooey caramel. Lohengrin is similar to Skildpadder qualitywise, but the distinct alcoholic flavour makes Skildpadder a little bit better. 


Brand: Toms
Size: 28 g
Price: 6 kr | £0,50 | $0,90
Purchased: Sweden

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