June 28, 2014

Bubblig Mjölkchoklad

Bubblig Mjölkchoklad is Marabou's take on milk chocolate with air bubbles like Cadbury Bubbly, Milka Lulflée and Norweigan Stratos etc.

As always the Marabou milk chocolate is creamy and milky (one of the best I've tasted) and the air bubbles melts in your mouth but there's still chewiness which makes it more interesting to eat than a plain chocolate bar. Bubblig Mjölkchoklad is only sold in 60 g bars but I think it's a good, moderate size. Otherwise it would be easy to overeat and get tired of the taste.

For some reason it's quite expensive at 15 kr (£1,30) when chocolates in similar size doesn't cost more than 10 kr (90 p).


Brand: Marabou
Size:  60 g
Price: 15 kr | £1,30 | $2,20
Purchased: Sweden

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