June 4, 2014


Lohengrin is a small, dark chocolate bar filled with rum cream. It's named after the Wagner opera Lohengrin and it was introduced in 1911 on the opening night of that same opera in The National Theater in Oslo.

Chocolates with a alcoholic cream is something I really enjoy. Maybe it's typically Scandinavian? Denmark gots some varieties with Punschpokal (chocolates filled with arrack punch cream) and Skilpadder (chocolates also filled with rum cream). And then Norway got Lohengrin.

The dark chocolate in Lohengrin is smooth and has just the right sweetness to it (around 60% cocoa I think) and the white cream tastes of toffee and a hint of vanilla, but not of any rum though.

In the Danish varieties there is a stronger alcoholic "touch" (there is no alcoholic flavour in them per se) but I couldn't find any of that in Lohengrin. Still it's very tasteful and just the kind of sweet I like the most,


Brand: Freia
Size: 34 g
Price: 20 kr | £1,80 | $3,00
Purchased: NorskMat

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