July 30, 2015

Gille Premium Choklad Crisps Mint

Gille is a Swedish cookie manufacturer who have released a line of Premium Crisp cookies with chocolate coating with flavours like Orange, Strawberry and this one, Mint. There's about a 15 round and thin cookies per box.

I thought it would be a plain chocolate cookie with a  chocolate- and mint filling (like Swedish Remi I reviewed a year ago). But it wasn't. This was a typical for Sweden a chewy oat cookie, called havreflarn which Gille is famous for, that I don't like at all. The thin dark chocolate coating had a slight mint flavour, which actually improved the oat cookie a bit, but when you don't like these types of cookies in the first place it wasn't a hit with me.


Brand: Gille
Size: 140 g 
Price: 23 kr | £1,70 | $2,65
Purchased: Sweden

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